Irrigation System

We are specialized in installing fully Automatic Irrigation System according to Dubai (UAE) Municipality. Green Dunes can advise and design tailor made irrigation systems for all types of landscape projects, from villas to large public parks. Water conservation is the main criteria of all Irrigation designs.

Vast local experience and exposure to the latest technologies has equipped Green Dunes with the knowledge to undertake all works related to specialized irrigation designs such as site surveys, preparation of plans, irrigation concepts, detailed plans, installation details, hydraulic calculations, bills of quantities and detailed specifications.

Soft Landscaping is a subtle blending of Horticultural and Architectural Design, with the various varieties of plants and trees.

Hard Landscaping is combined layout of different features such as Patios, Driveways, Stones, Lighting, Garden fences, Gazebos and Pergolas etc.

Soft Landscaping

The construction of landscapes is the core of our principal activity - building, upgrading, and conservation of the natural environment that we live in and surrounds us. The addition of plant materials from many of the world's major climatic zones adds incredible beauty to any landscape and leaves the user feeling relax. Well designed landscapes not only look good but a pleasure to use. This is the design paradigm that we inhabit to create synergy between space and user; merge of practicality and aesthetics; symbiosis of environment and man.
Spatial awareness, scale and proportion, and design appropriateness are the keys to Green Dunes timeless design: the classic character manifested in the symbiosis of elements, chosen hard materials, and dynamic planting schemes create designed landscapes of monumental quality and enduring beauty. Green Dunes undertakes diversified design problems of varied scale from public to private spaces, utilizing the multi cultural landscape architectural talents to develop creative solutions. Our design team excels in the "Can-Do Attitude" approach from the design inception to execution. We pride ourselves on being grounded, informative and practical. Our designs are comprehensive, evocative and prolific. We can deliver design packages from concept development to construction development and documentation.